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20th Annual Fear No Art Festival Casting



20th Annual Fear No Art Festival


The following is the casting for the 20th Annual Fear No Art Festival. Thanks to all who attended.  There are many factors that go into casting (i.e. availability, choreographer/dancer preferences, level of technique). Therefore, if you were not cast in this year’s program, please come back and audition in the future.  Feel free to talk with me as well if you were not cast.


  • Rehearsals will begin the week of February 5th. Look at the days, times, and room very carefully.

  • I apologize for any misspelled names.  Please email me corrections.

  • Additionally, no changes will be made to this cast posting unless approved by Valerie Alpert. PLEASE LOOK CLOSELY AT YOUR DAYS AND TIMES (you may be in multiple works).


  • Please send me an email at to either reject or confirm your participation in the show no later than, January 31. I need to have an up to date email on file for future communications. Also, make sure you read and accept the Performer Participant Expectations that follow at the end of the casting list.

Tuesdays 7-9 p.m. Choreographer: Rachel Buehrer: Rehearsals Begin February 6 [Room P103]

CAST: Marissa Barnette, Kelsey Minden, Becka Nieder, Debora Schneider, Frances Skurski, Niya Thompkins

Wednesdays 10 am-12 pm: Choreographer: Valerie Alpert [Room P106] Date TBA End of Feb.

CAST: Will be open to anyone interested and available during this time. This work will be a collaborative work with visual artists, musicians/singers, and dancers.

Thursdays 7-9 p.m. Choreographer Niya Thompkins: Rehearsals Begin Feb 8 [Room P103]

CAST: Rachel Buehrer, Stefanie Krammer, Becka Nieder, Debora Schneider, Frances Skurski,

Additional Dance Works/Collaboration Dances

Soto, Sabrina & Nelson Arizmendi (Duet)
Stahl, John (Solo)
Comstock, Josa (with Nate Killian and group)
Lancaster, Lamaiya (with Marilyn Runde)
Trinity Dance Project


Please send me an email at to either reject or confirm your participation in the show no later than, January 31. I need to have an up to date email on file for future communications. Also, make sure you read and accept the Performer Participant Expectations that follow at the end of the casting list.

Buehrer, Rachel & Aaron, Thompkins, Niya (Piano, Guitar, Song)
Buchtenkirch, Brooke (Sing)
Cone, Caitlin (Spoken Word/Possible Collaboration)
Dorantes, Raul (Spanish Drama Monalogue)
Isaac, Riley (Hooping Dance)
Killian, Nate (Collaboration with Marissa Barnette, Ben Carver, Josa Comstock)
Minden, Kelsey (Sing)
Ongcal, Renee (Sing)
Pabst, Lucy (Sing)
Phelan, K.C.  (Sing)
Runde, Marilyn (Sing/Dance Colloboration)
Villaruz, Katherine (Sing)


Please send me an email at to either reject or confirm your participation in the show no later than, January 31. I need to have an up to date email on file for future communications. Also, make sure you read and accept the Visual Artist Participant Expectations that follow at the end of the casting list.

Alforo, Francisco (Drawing, Painting, Digital Art)
Cone, Caitlin (Pencil Drawings)
Killian, Nate (Pencil Drawings)
Mensah, Courtney (Photography)
Morales, Diego (Technical Pen/Sharpie Drawings)
Phelan, K.C. (Colored Pencil Drawings)
Salgado, Alma (Charcoal, Pastel Drawings, Ink)
Villarseal, Xavier (Digital Photography)

MEET AND GREET [Friday, February 2 from 6-8 pm in P106]

The purpose of this meet and greet for (choreographers, other performing artists, and visual artists) is to discuss the possibilities of collaborating on works together for Fear No Art. Visual artists may want to bring samples of their work to this meeting if possible. Choreographers, musicians, and spoken word artists need to come with clear ideas about their work. Food and drinks will be supplied.

In addition to confirming your participation in the show, please confirm whether you are able to come to the meet and greet on Friday by Wednesday, January 31 as well so I can plan accordingly.

Thanks to all. It is going to be an exciting show!!!!!

20th Fear No Art Festival
Performer Participant Expectations


Activity:   20th Annual Fear No Art Festival 2018

Director:    Valerie Alpert (543-2432) or

Date(s) of Participation: Must be available for all technical and performing dates and times listed below:
    • Lighting rehearsals from 9am-8pm Saturday April 21
    • Technical rehearsals from 6-10pm Monday-Wednesday, April 23, 24, 25
    • Dress rehearsal from 6-10pm on Thursday, April 26
    • Performances April 27 @ 7:30pm, April 28 @ 2pm & 7:30 pm, (Friday call time at 6pm & Saturday @ 12:00 pm and 6 pm)

Note: If you have night classes, get written permission now from your teachers to attend the technical rehearsals. Or, discuss your class schedule with me immediately and we will see if we can work it out.

I understand that my participation in the Activity described above is voluntary and independent. However, I have agreed to participate in Fear No Art, and I am committed to the final production. I will honor the guidelines stated below as well as any additional guidelines that the choreographers deems necessary, within reason.

·       I will attend all rehearsals that I am scheduled for.
·       I will be respectful of all participants.
·       I will arrive early to rehearsal to warm-up ahead of time and be ready to dance at the scheduled time.
·       I will be focused in rehearsal.
·       I will not practice other people’s works during a rehearsal that is not that work.
·       I will come to rehearsal prepared both mentally and physically with the appropriate attire.
·       I will mentally and physically practice outside of allotted rehearsal time.
·       I will not eat or drink (except bottled water) in the dance studios.
·       I will conduct myself professionally and not be disruptive in rehearsal or talk excessively. 
·       I will remain productive during the rehearsal process, even if the choreographer is not working directly with me at that moment….I will not sit in rehearsals. 
·       I will trust the choreographer and the choreographic process. 
·       I will communicate (i.e. injuries, problems, etc…) openly with the choreographer.
·       I will contact the director, Valerie Alpert, if any problems arise with the rehearsal process.
·       I will have a positive attitude while participating in the show.
·       I will have great fun and dance beautifully come show time.

I understand that the choreographer or Valerie Alpert has the right to terminate my participation in the 20th Annual Fear No Art Festival if I fail to show up for rehearsals without proper notification as or approval from the choreographer, or if I have not fulfilled other commitments as stated above. Should one of these incidences occur, I understand that I will be immediately dismissed from the entire show. 

Please include in your email response, due by January 31, that you have read the Performer Participant Expectations, have accepted the roles and responsibilities, and that you will be at the first rehearsal.

Visual Artist Participant Expectations

You are expected to be at each of the performances so that you are available to talk to patrons about your artwork. You will need to be there to talk to people before the performance begins, during intermission, and after the performance.

I will supply the walls, tables, and pushpins to hang your work, but you will need to set up your own work. I suggest getting some additional people to help you. The work must be set up and ready to go one hour before show time. See Below:

·      Tables/Gallery Walls will be Set up by 4pm on Friday, April 27. Artists set up by 6:30pm.  Artists meeting at 6:00pm in lobby. Doors open at 7:00pm

·      Artists Set up by 12:30pm for the Saturday, Show at 2pm. We can leave the artwork up for the evening show.

After the Friday night performance, we will need to take down the artwork. You have the option to either take your artwork home or we can lock them up in our storage area. You will need to take your artwork home on Saturday night after the performance.

You will be able to see the performance for free, but we will need to take turns so that some people can stay in the lobby and watch the artwork. I will also plan on hiring extra help to keep an eye on the artwork.

While, you are not allowed to sell your artwork at the show, I do encourage you to hand out business cards and make connections with people who are interested in your artwork. You can put your bio, contact information, pictures….whatever you like….on your table.

Please include in your email response, due by January 31, that you have read the Visual Artist Participant Expectations, have accepted the roles and responsibilities, and that you will participate in the show.

Monday, January 22, 2018

20th Annual Fear No Art Auditions

20th Annual FEAR NO ART Festival


Artists of all disciplines!

Make A Creative Difference!

If you are a creative individual and interested in exhibiting your original work, then here is an opportunity for you.  We are looking for students to showcase their work at the 20th Annual FEAR NO ART Festival, an evening filled with music, dance, drama, poetry, creative writing, ceramics, photography, painting, and much more.

This event will be held at the College of Lake County’s James Lumber Center for the Performing Arts.

            Festival Dates/Performance Times:  

Apr 27, 2018 at 7:30 PM; 
Apr 28, 2018 at 2:00 PM; 
Apr 28, 2018 at 7:30 PM

A festival like no other, the 20th Annual FEAR NO ART festival is a lively celebration featuring a variety of artistic disciplines by CLC students and community members. This event promises to encourage support across all disciplines and collaboration among artists is highly encouraged. If you don’t know many people from other disciplines, no need to worry, there will be a meet-and-greet reception in early February where all selected artists can brainstorm and share ideas.

Audition/Submission Information

Date:    Thursday, January 25, 2018

Place:   Experimental Theater (P103)


5:30-6pm Visual artists submission: (Bring a sample of the proposed work)

6-7 pm      Performing Artists (Musicians, poets, etc….Prepare to sing, play, or recite)

7-10 pm    Dancers: (Come dressed and ready to dance. No prepared dances necessary, bring any kind of shoes you have…tap, jazz, etc…)

For further information, please contact Valerie Alpert at: 847.543.2432.

So come join the fun, meet new people, and share your art!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

2017 Prairie Spirits Dance Troupe Casting

UPDATED September 7, 2017

2017 Prairie Spirits Dance Troupe

I apologize for the delay, and unfortunately, the casting is still a bit fluid because I am still trying to coordinate guest artists schedules. Please read carefully and respond appropriately.

A few important notes:

1)    Aaron Gordon will not be setting a work on the troupe this fall. He may be coming to do a master class and when I find out for sure, I will let you know.
2)    Margaret Morris is still working out her schedule so as of the moment we do not know what days and times she will be rehearsing. So, even though I have cast her piece, the cast may change once she sets her schedule. We will hopefully know in the next few days.
3)    Matt Kinney who will be setting a work with the Cry Wheels will be holding a master class on the wheels on Tuesday, September 12th from 6-9pm. This is open for anyone who is interested in trying out the cyr wheels. We will cast his work after that master class to see who is interested. Please send me an email if you think you might attend.
4)    Unexcused absences will not be tolerated and will automatically mean pulling you out of the entire concert. So, please be respectful of others times and commitments.
5)    Finally, please send me an email to immediately, confirming your participation in the troupe and confirm each work that you are in. Look carefully, you may be in more than one work. If you want more or less works, please let me know that as well.

The following is the casting (thus far) for the 2017 Prairie Spirits Winter Dance Concert.  

Anna Erdman—TAP
Mondays- 11:15-1:00 pm (P106)
Rehearsals Begin on Monday, September 11.
Cast:  Riley Beckett Josa Comstock, Jamie Hansen

Lamaiya Lancaster- Contemporary
Wednesdays – 6-9 pm (P106)
Rehearsals begin Wednesday, September 6.
Cast: Rachel Buehrer, Gissela Carrillo, Josa Comstock, Ashley Hoffman, Diana Lu, Kelsey Minden, Sabrina Soto

Matt Kinney – Cyr Wheel- Chicago
Tuesdays - 6-9 pm (P103)
Master Class begins Tuesday, September 12: Open to all.
Cast: TBA

Jeannine Potter – Contemporary - Chicago
Saturdays – 11-1 pm. (P106)
Rehearsals begin on Saturday, September 23
Cast: Riley Beckett, Lauren Engert, Ashley Hoffman, Mona Schueler, Emily Smith, Arianna Wenz

Margaret Morris – Contemporary - Chicago
Days/Times: (P103) Tuesdays 4-7 on 9/26; 10/3; 10/10; 10/17; 10/24; 11/14 and (P106) Sundays from 2-5pm on 10/1; 10/8; 10/15; 10/22; 11/12; 11/19

Tentative Cast: TBA

Rachel Johnson –Contemporary- Tulsa
Friday-Sunday, November 3-5.
Cast: Rachel Buehrer Becky DeRosa, , Adrienne Dougherty, Joy Layton, Becka Nieder, Sabrina Soto

Please confirm your participation in all the works you have been cast in or let me know of any changes that you need to be made.



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2017 Praire Spirits Dance Troupe Auditions

2017 Prairie Spirits Dance Troupe

Where: P103 (Experimental Theatre)
When: Tuesday, August 29
Time: 7 pm until 9:30 pm

No Shoes Required; but if you have Tap or Jazz shoes bring them.
You do not need to prepare any material ahead of time.

Performance Dates

December 1 @ 7:30 pm
December 2 @ 2 pm & 7:30 pm

About Prairie Spirits Dance Troupe

Prairie Spirits, the College of Lake County dance troupe is open to all CLC students and community members and is open to all skill levels. The troupe presents theatrical contemporary dance works along with other dance forms (i.e. tap, hip-hop, ballet, jazz, etc) by professional choreographers.

This year’s guest choreographers include the following: Aaron Gordon (hip hop/jazzfunk/contemporary jazz/LA) is currently performing in the cast of Hamilton in Chicago, Rachel Bruce Johnson  (Contemporary/Oklahoma). Others to be announced shortly.

Participants must be available for all Technical/Dress rehearsal/Performances listed below. [These dates are mandatory. The only exception for missing technical rehearsals is class conflicts; which must be documented with the director well in advanced.] All Performance Dates are mandatory.

·      Tuesday, November 21 (6-10 pm)
·      Monday-Friday, November 27 through December 1 (6-10 pm)
·      Saturday, December 2 (noon- 10 pm)

Rehearsal days/times will be determined once the cast has been set. The days, times, and start dates will vary depending on the choreographer and the availability participants put on the audition form. After the auditions, check the CLC dance blog for casting information.

If you have questions, please contact Valerie Alpert at 847.543.2432 or email

Dance Department Facebook Link:
Dance Department Blog Link: